Be@rbrick「Van Gogh Museum」Courtesan(after Eisen) 400% & 100% Set


  • Brand: Medicom Toy

  • Height: 400% 28cm, 100% 7cm

  • ETA: Early March 2021

  • Pay attention before order:This product is brand-new. We cannot fully guarantee that the defects such as  scratches, imprints, uneven paint etc. is/are produced during the production/packaging of the factory .Since we are resellers, we cannot contact the manufacturer and provide any after-sales.Packaging Box /Outer Box of the product is for protection only. Dents or scratches on the packaging box surface caused by delivery are not included in the Exchange & Refund policy.


Medicom Toy collaborates with Van Gogh Museum to launch this new bearbrick Courtesan(after Eisen).

About the Painting

Van Gogh based this painting on a woodcut by the Japanese artist Kesai Eisen. The print had been reproduced on the cover of the magazine Paris illustré in 1886. Van Gogh used a grid to copy and enlarge the Japanese figure. He used bright colours and bold outlines, as if it were a woodcut.

We can tell the woman is a courtesan by her hairstyle and the belt (obi) that she is wearing, which is tied at the front of her kimono rather than at the back. Van Gogh framed her with a pond full of water lilies, bamboo stems, cranes and frogs. This scene has a hidden meaning: grue (crane) and grenouille (frog) were French slang words for ‘prostitute’.